KODA - Köy Okulları Değişim Derneği

Improving the quality of education in rural schools in Turkey


KODA is a young NGO (2016) with the mission to provide holistic and quality education in rural schools in Turkey. It believes that rural village schools - mostly referred to in context of their deprivation - actually offer a platform with great opportunities and leverage potential to reach disadvantaged children and families.

The KODA team has set three strategic objectives:
1. develop exemplary inspiring and replicable educational practices for rural schools,
2. empower rural school teachers,
3. create an expanding community who support, inspire each other and pioneer change in rural schools.

Dalyan has been supporting the First Step Toward Village Schools program since its beginning in 2018. This program is a university course, available in ten universities as of spring 2021, aiming to prepare and strengthen teacher candidates for their work in rural schools via know-how transfer and first-hand experience through workshops in village schools.

Starting 2021-22 academic year, Dalyan will also be supporting KODA’s Teacher Communities (TC) program where teachers gather one day a month for experience sharing and trainings, creating a local network. The program started in 2017 and reached ten regions in spring 2021.