Our Enablers

Building a network for support

We cooperate with the following organisations and individuals in India and in Turkey to extend organisational support to our NGO partners. This support aims to strengthen the competencies and organisations of our partners over and above the financial support we give to them.



A development professional with more than 19 years of experience in developing and supporting social enterprises in sectors of livelihood development, community development and education.

Toolbox India Foundation is a registered section 25 Not for Profit Company whose mission is to help socially relevant purpose driven non-profits in the definition of their objectives and the development of their organizational capacity to best reach those objectives. Toolbox brings together volunteers with diverse experience in fields such as strategic and operations management, human resources, information technology, communications and marketing and impact measurement.

Social Lens is a registered for profit Social Lens that works in conjunction with Toolbox India as an ecosystem builder with philantrophic institutions to co-create customized solutions for enhanced last mile delivery practices  for Non profit organsiations and Social Enterprises to achieve their mission.



The managing director of BMGI Turkey, delivering trainings and consulting in the areas of lean six sigma, leantransformation, strategic planning, design, and organizational transformation. He provides his expertise to NGOs and has run a strategic planning workshop for Association for Supporting Tarlabaşı Community and Sulukule Volunteers Association under Dalyan coordination. Devrim Zümrütkaya volunteers for sevreral NGOs for fundraising during the marathons he runs and is an advisory board member in C@rma which is a platform matching skills of private sector professionals with needs of NGOs.


Developed the mentoring program for CYDD, Dalyan has been supporting since 2012. He has also developed the Runners for the Future mentoring program of Hayat Sende and is supporting the team in project managing the program. Murat Akkaya, is the founder of Learning Partner where he continues to support and consult private, public and non-goverment organisations along with universities in developing projects on improvement, learning and leadership with a concentration on mentoring.  

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